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Part I.

As valid consideration for entry into and participation in activities associated with the Texas Goat Breeders Association (the "TGBA") (a not for profit organization), I hereby enter into this AGREEMENT AND CONFIRMATION FORM ("Agreement") and agree to abide by the rules set forth in the TGBA By-laws and this Agreement.

1. INVITATIONAL ORGANIZATION: The TGBA is an invitational organization and therefore, reserves the right to extend or withhold an invitation of membership to any current or future breeder or member.

2. CER TIFICATION OF TAG PLACEMENT: I certify that the goats tagged with my tag were born in the state of Texas under my manage­ment.

3. AGREEMENT FOR VERIFICATION: I agree to provide verification of Item 2 above (in the form of parental DNA, lambing records, and/or an on-site visit by TGBA Board Members) if the authenticity of the breeder or loca­tion of kidding is called into question with realistic evidence.

4. AGREEMENT OF LOCATION: I acknowledge that the flock I am claiming ownership of and membership through resides in the state of Texas. In order for goats to be reg­istered with the TG BA, they must be born on Texas property. Partnerships, individuals, or entities with operations in multiple states may have a separate membership contingent to the Goats being born and raised in State of Texas and (1) partner resides from Texas.

Part II.

I certify that I have read, understand and will abide by all rules and regulations of the TGBA as set forth in the Organizational Constitution and By-laws. I further certify that I have not placed or distributed eartags to be placed in goats that were not born in Texas under my management/supervision.

The TGBA, through a majority vote of its Board of Directors, reserves the right to condemn and/or disqualify any animal that is inappropriately tagged and revoke the membership of any member who violates of proper eartag­ging protocol. Furthermore, any financial gains by a goat with falsified tagging credentials in the form of scholar­ship, exhibitor recognition, or add-on money provided by the TGBA must be returned to the TGBA immediately upon request. Any member guilty of inappropriate tagging, distribution of tags, falsifying ownership (as evidenced, for example, by a goat with a TGBA tag advertised by any out-of-state breeder via website, flyer etc ... ), or falsifying location of ownership may forfeit all rights and privileges of membership in the TGBA.

I fully understand and grant permission to the TGBA to report any and all rule infractions (under the TGBA By-laws, this Agreement, or otherwise) to the show management of the major livestock shows in Texas. Furthermore, I un­derstand that this information will be available to the show management of the major livestock shows in Texas.

I represent that I thoroughly understand that this is a complete and final release and indemnity agreement, that I am voluntarily entering into this Agreement, and that no representations, promises, or statements made by the TGBA, or any agent, attorney, or other representatives of the TGBA has influenced me in causing me to sign this Agreement. I further agree to release any agent, attorney, or other representatives of the TGBA from any liability, claim, suit, action, loss, or damage that may result from the Board members participation in TGBA Activities.

Where applicable in the Agreement, the singular will include the plural.